The Book of T


I would like to quote from The Book of T or, in another word, expound:

I believe love has no boundaries whereas such may be imposed on sexual encounters

Apropos feelings: It's ok to say don't feel sad, or don't feel bad, or please don't be angry, but saying don't feel love or don't be in love, in my opinion, is most cruel, unjust, and unpardonable

~ Thejaka Maldeniya

Why did I say expound? Good question. Simply because I like the sound of it, being used in this context. However, I'm not going to explain the quote that much, really, as I believe it's self explanatory. Nevertheless, there's a reason behind the quote and an implication, so it would be amiss not to explain at all. Learn from this what you will. Cryptic? Move on, move on.

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